I have a dirty secret….

In my office draw I have a prong collar This post is a follow up to Barney, the dog that Changed Everything. In the post about Barney, I talk about my personal journey discovering a different way of training. Barney had some significant behavioural problems. Considered difficult by any expert. A trainer recommended I use […]

The International Day of Celebration for Force Free Training and Pet Care

(ICFF) International Celebration for Force Free  Sponsored by The Pet Professional Guild. As some of you may have read in my previous blogs, I am passionate about dogs. If you have a browse of my other posts you will quickly learn why. I have quite afew reasons. Over my dog owning and grooming career I […]

Would you rather be clueless and happy or insightful and cynical?

I’ve come to notice over the last decade or so of my adult life that open minded, giving and sensitive people are often the ones that suffer the most. They often suffer from depression, anxiety and have difficulty finding a ”safe” niche in the world. I consider myself one of these people. Most that know […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and all that crap

Chronic illness + Mental Illness = People suffering in silence Unfortunately they seem to go together, its not a surprise really. The problem is the medical profession. It’s so damn frustrating that no Doctor has spent more than 20mins with me in a consult my entire life- until now. My new CFS Doc spent 3 […]