The Cynical Dog Lover

Hmm! First blog and I have no idea where to start….

Background: Dog groomer/trainer who has been diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Self diagnosed, cynic, internal perfectionist, sometimes severely depressed, and definitely chronically exhausted
(I will talk more about CFS in another Blog)

Passions: Self improvement, seeking new ideas, perceptions and insight. Following the carrot to everlasting happiness…..oh so close yet so far. Understanding people in an attempt to make sense of it all

Dislikes: Hmm, lots of things, but closed mindedness is the worst. When I can’t come up with a solution

I love: My BF of almost 5 years and my two dogs, Barney & Betty.

Dreams: To make my mark as best as possible, to do something important and hopefully have someone notice!

Realistic idealism, never be disappointed!


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