Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and all that crap


Chronic illness + Mental Illness = People suffering in silence

Unfortunately they seem to go together, its not a surprise really. The problem is the medical profession. It’s so damn frustrating that no Doctor has spent more than 20mins with me in a consult my entire life- until now. My new CFS Doc spent 3 hours with me, and is going to come up with some help in some form or another when my bloods tests come back. It cost me $400, but it’s worth EVERY cent. Medicare will be kind enough *scoff* to refund me $70, when, I finally get enough energy to get out the door and drag myself to the most unpleasant, busy shopping centre in the area, where I will most likely sit waiting for 30mins to be served. Not a big deal to a healthy person if you’re not super busy. If I crash waiting, I will most likely struggle to stay upright in the chair and keep my eyes open. Never mind that- My driving license is now expired and I don’t even want to talk about sitting at the RTA to get that sorted. Maybe if I explain to them I’m sick, I can keep my old photo from 5 years ago when I didn’t look like death warmed up.

Anyway back to the Docs. I’ve been diagnosed with depression for atleast 3 years and more recently received a diagnosis of Bi Polar II. All I’ve heard ALL my adult life is, “You’re tired because you’re depressed or “You’re tired because you’ve had a virus.” Morons, completely wrong. Thank goodness for the $400 Doc! So the Bi Polar diagnosis is going in the bin (thank god) and the CFS has been causing the depression. Makes me so mad, especially with all those horrible meds they put me on for BiPolar. Lithium was just plain scary. Kurt Cobain- I understand – you poor bugger. This is only getting sorted out now because it has gotten so bad I can’t work and I decided, I needed to find real help. Hallelujah to the internet! Google Search: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Doctor…and I dig around and end up finding the kindest and most caring Doctor I’ve ever seen. I have no idea what he was on about, but atleast he confirmed something IS wrong, and I’m not freaking crazy!!

Rant over

I split my clinical time between the two illnesses (CFS and HIV), and I can tell you if I had to choose between the two illnesses (in 2009) I would rather have H.I.V.

Dr Kilimas


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