Would you rather be clueless and happy or insightful and cynical?

I’ve come to notice over the last decade or so of my adult life that open minded, giving and sensitive people are often the ones that suffer the most. They often suffer from depression, anxiety and have difficulty finding a ”safe” niche in the world. I consider myself one of these people. Most that know […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and all that crap

Chronic illness + Mental Illness = People suffering in silence Unfortunately they seem to go together, its not a surprise really. The problem is the medical profession. It’s so damn frustrating that no Doctor has spent more than 20mins with me in a consult my entire life- until now. My new CFS Doc spent 3 […]

The Cynical Dog Lover

Hmm! First blog and I have no idea where to start…. Background: Dog groomer/trainer who has been diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Self diagnosed, cynic, internal perfectionist, sometimes severely depressed, and definitely chronically exhausted (I will talk more about CFS in another Blog) Passions: Self improvement, seeking new ideas, perceptions and insight. Following the […]